Australian Bucket List: Top 10

With my Aussie adventure a short 4 months away, I’ve created a bucket list of things I’d like to do while in Australia.  I imagine this list will continue to expand and change with time but these are the adventures I’ve been thinking about so far.  As I check each off my list, I hope to share all of the glorious details on this blog.  For now, enjoy the preview.  Did I leave anything off?  I welcome your suggestions.

1. Meet a Kangaroo on Kangaroo Island, just south of Adelaide
Update: Visited Adelaide but missed KI
2. Explore the natural beauty of Rottnest Island off the west coast of Australia
Update: Done!
3. Volunteer at as many festivals as possible including film festivals, food festivals, wine festivals, music festivals, national festivals, etc.
Australia Day
Update: This was ambitious…I attended some festivals. Does that count?
4. Island hop Whitsunday Island in Queensland
Update: Done!
5. Road trip along the Great Ocean Road
ocean road
Update: Done!
6. Experience the brilliant colors of the Great Barrier Reef
great reef
Update: Done!
7. Enjoy an aerial view of Australian Wine Country in a Hot Air Balloon
hot air balloon
Update: Done!
8. Ride a camel along Cable Beach in Broome
cable beach
Update: Next time…
9. Live in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney
live in oz
Update: Done! Well, I visited them all at the very least.
10. Spend NYE in Sydney and/or attend Vivid Sydney
Update: Done!

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