Australia Needs Our Help

Australia is engulfed in flames.
Australia is on fire. 19 of the country’s 22 million people live along the Eastern Coast of Australia.

In 2015, I sold the majority of my possessions, packed a carry-on bag, and moved to Australia to start a new life adventure. It was easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. While living in Australia, I traveled to each of its seven states, from the coastal cliffs in Sydney, to the red dirt and clear skies of the Outback, and even down to the small heart-shaped island of Tasmania, loving every minute of it. Australia is a beautiful country filled with incredibly unique and curious wildlife, stunning rainforests and coral reefs, and people who truly know how to live life. I cannot say enough great things about Australia and it is forever on my heart.

Because of this, the images and stories I’m reading about the fires burning across Australia are gut-wrenching. If you do not know much about what is happening, please read this article to begin to gain an understanding. These fires are fueled by the current summer heat and recent years of incredible drought. They are worse than the fires that tore across California in 2018 and span a far greater distance than the 2019 Amazon fires with no end in sight. Some say the worst is yet to come.

Australians are losing their homes, with fires beginning to threaten the larger cities, ash has reached as far as New Zealand, tourists and locals are having to be rescued by navy ships, and the wildlife population is dying at an alarming rate. Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital has treated over 90,000 animals so far. The country is equipped for fires but not like this. Volunteer firefighters are desperately working to save communities and animals from the inferno. The situation is dire and greater help is needed.

So, what can we do about it? I urge you to help raise awareness at a minimum by sharing this story — and dozens of others — all across the internet. More eyeballs = more help. Additionally, a number of organizations and volunteer services are aiding in the firefighting and recovery efforts for affected communities. You can find a ton of handy links and information below. Please consider donating to support these funds.

Pray for Australia. 


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