Life in the Bondi Bubble

“They call it the ‘Bondi bubble'”, my AirBnB host explained.  “Everything you need is right here.  There are people who never leave.”  As I continue my neighborhood exploration, I opted to spend a few nights living in Bondi because, why not?  Bondi is a world famous destination for surfers and travelers alike, always on the must-see list for any visit to Sydney.  While it’s unlikely I’ll choose to settle in Bondi,  a handful of days in the beach community is exactly what I had in mind.  Bondi has a few unique characteristics that make up the “bubble”, and are rather entertaining to witness.  Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

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First Impressions of Oz

I’m here!  After 9 months of planning, excitement, and anticipation, Ali is finally in OZ!  It’s almost surreal–there are moments that feel like a dream.  There is much to learn, see and do in my new home of Australia but, for now, I will share my initial impressions of Sydney.  We all know first impressions are important and, after a week in Sydney, I’ve found a few notes worth sharing.

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