Photo Diary: The Great Barrier Reef


Purple starfish, sea slugs, blue spotted fantail rays, clown fish, and coral-chomping parrot fish are a few of the many colorful locals you’ll meet among The Great Barrier Reef. While it’s true that some of the reef is dying, a greater portion is still teeming with life. I had the privilege of snorkeling in two spots along the Reef: Hastings Reef and Michaelmas Cay. Both were filled with colorful coral and curious sea life, both sparkling under the sunshine.

This photo diary only scratches the surface of this amazing underwater world. Everything was wonderful, from the various types of coral – Stag Horn, Plate, and Brain Coral – to the playful Clown Fish swimming through the anemone, and the sound of Parrot Fish munching on the coral. Thankfully my mind was able to better capture the richness of it all, an experience I won’t soon forget.


Thanks to Passions of Paradise for a beautiful, educational day on The Reef.

Photo cred: Bethany Gaffey

Published by Ali Gaffey

An American girl full of life and adventure!

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