Everything I love about Dublin


Dublin is a glorious city! I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did. Everything from the easy to navigate city streets to the wonderfully ornate cathedrals and traditional pubs on every corner, Dublin has much to offer. I spent two full days in Ireland’s capital city and am ready to return again! But why all the love? I thought you’d never ask…

Andrew and I were looking pretty good for having only slept a combined few hours on our quick overnight flight from Boston.

Trinity College

While I’d wanted to visit the famous Trinity College Library and the Book of Kells, I was not as intrigued by the line snaking through the campus. Instead, we decided to wander tour the college ourselves, feeling instantly jealous of the college students attending such a beautiful school. Perhaps an earlier start would have saved us the headache of waiting in line?


Temple Bar

100% more touristy than the rest of Dublin but also a must-see in my book. Temple Bar is a small neighborhood of bars and restaurants that you’re likely to see in any Dublin travel photos. The street is lined with colorful classic Irish pubs, all donning Guinness beer flags and adverts. We found a rooftop bar towards the end of the strip to settle in for a bit. I’d recommend a stop here for a drink and then to move on. All the drinks are higher priced given the amount of tourists marching through.

The Temple Bar is the name of the neighborhood AND of an actual bar.

Guinness Storehouse

A classic. The Guinness Storehouse isn’t centrally located and is a bit of a hike to walk but definitely worth a visit. The storehouse is multiple stories tall and includes a self-guided tour which weaves through several floors, bars and restaurants for tastings, drinking, music and dancing, and a 360 degree view bar at the top. This was another stop that took up a good portion of the day and was time well spent!

Your entry ticket includes three tastings, like these. We combined ours to try them all!

Jameson Distillery

A MUST DO! Oh my goodness. To be fair, that handsome man to my left in the photo below is the reason we went to the Jameson Distillery but I fully support and encourage everyone to visit and embark on the tour. It was, hands down, the best alcohol tour I’ve ever experienced. I say “alcohol” to include liquor, wine, and beer; I’ve been on several. Everything from the bar up front serving delicious Jameson cocktails to the interactive, multimedia tour and tastings. We spent half the day here and I was never happier on the whole trip. It was that impressive! Go!



The Liquor Rooms

Had enough beer? Check out The Liquor Rooms for a super unique cocktail experience. This place looks like you’re in the circus with a bar inside a red and white pinstriped tent and an endlessly creative cocktail menu that’s grouped into drink preferences and liquor options. It’s nearly impossible to only have one drink here – there are many that you’ll want to try! We naively assumed the tent was the extent of the bar but, in the search for a restroom, stumbled upon the rest of the place. Beyond the curtain lay several more rooms with various themes (taxidermy included), dance floors, cozy drinking nooks, and bars. Apparently it transforms into a raging night club on the weekends! It looked like a great place to party, though we weren’t there on the right night to attend. Highly recommend!


Random decor in one of The Liquor Rooms

Dinner at O’Neills Pub

Or really, dinner at any pub for that matter! Want to find a great meal for a fair price? Pop into a local pub to enjoy a pint and a traditional Irish dinner. We did this a few times on our trip and enjoyed everything from a full Irish breakfast (black pudding included!) to soda bread and shepherd’s pie. Loved it all!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s is the largest and one of the most important cathedrals in Ireland. Although it’s over 800 years old, the church is still in use for worship and services today. Tours cost 7 euro and are self-guided or available with a guide. We chose to explore ourselves and spent over an hour quietly visiting the various corners of the cathedral, admiring the architecture, stained glass, and historical relics on display throughout. It is simply stunning. We don’t make anything like this these days and, in my opinion, it’s unfortunate. The architecture alone demonstrates such artistry and care. It is amazing work.



If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you’ll generally recognize that I tell a similar story for many places that I visit. I often don’t have much time, have tried to do as much research ahead of time as possible, and am unexpectedly thrilled with each destination. Traveling is the best, isn’t it? Our world is truly filled with wonder and I’ve only scratched the surface of it all. While I may only visit most destinations once, I would be happy to return to Dublin. So many great memories in such a short amount of time. Cheers! I hope to see you again soon!

The River Liffey running through Dublin

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