Kentucky Derby Tips for First Timers

The hats. The dresses. The horses. The roses. This what comes to mind when you think of the Kentucky Derby. But how do you prepare for actually attending the Derby? How do you know what to wear, bring, or expect? Step One – ask a veteran! This year I had the privilege of attending theContinue reading “Kentucky Derby Tips for First Timers”

East Coast Adventuring: From Brisbane to Cairns

While not quite half way, I’ve split my East Coast Adventure into two parts: From Sydney to Brisbane and Brisbane to Cairns. After 48 hours in Queensland’s capital, Beth and I began the second half of our journey, which included all of our day trips and overnight tours. The scenery between Brisbane and Cairns changes dramatically asContinue reading “East Coast Adventuring: From Brisbane to Cairns”

Australian Bucket List: Top 10

With my Aussie adventure a short 4 months away, I’ve created a bucket list of things I’d like to do while in Australia.  I imagine this list will continue to expand and change with time but these are the adventures I’ve been thinking about so far.  As I check each off my list, I hopeContinue reading “Australian Bucket List: Top 10”