Managing a Fear of Flying


Have a fear of flying? Read on to learn how I’ve managed my fear.

Panic attacks.  Cold body sweats.  Nausea.  Hyperventilating.  Tears.  I’ve experienced each of these symptoms, often at the same time, due to a fear of flying.  While I don’t know exactly where or when I picked up this fear, I have suffered from a fear of flying since I was a pre-teen.

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How I Booked a $300 Flight to Australia

2010.06.18-planeHave you seen headlines like this one before?  I have, and I never thought I would be someone to write something similar.  I’ve read posts about travelers booking seemingly impossible low prices to destinations all around the world and the one thing all of these write-ups had in common was MILES.  That’s right, using airline miles or reward points to book flights is the secret to cheap (and even free!) flights around the globe.  My story is not an exception to this rule.

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