Ali in Peru: My trip to one of the Seven Wonders of the World


Viewing images of Machu Picchu has always sparked a complexity of emotions for me. The ancient ruins atop a sea of mountains stirs up feelings of curiosity, awe, inspiration, with a hint of jealousy; jealousy for all those who have made the trek ahead of me. It was a destination that felt out of reach for me but one that I always wrestled with in my mind. When I finally ceased on an opportunity to travel to Peru, I knew Machu Picchu would be the driving force behind my trip.

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Travel Planning Resources For Your Next Trip


You’ve picked your destination and zeroed in on potential dates for your travels.  Now comes the fun part — planning your trip!  This is my specialty and an area where I can share a few tips and resources for how I go about planning for my next trip.

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