5 Reasons to Love Perth


Large enough to be its own country, Western Australia offers much to explore. Situated in the southern half of WA, Perth is the state’s capital city and is my favorite among them. Throughout my travels I’ve met Australians and fellow backpackers alike who state ‘Perth is just too far away’ as their reason for not visiting, but I say it’s more than worth the visit!

1. Perth is all about those laid back city vibes.


With a population of 2 million people, Perth is Australia’s 4th largest city and the capital of Western Australia. Perth sits along the Swan River, just east of the Indian Ocean coastline, and offers big city feels with laid back coastal vibes. Prior to arriving, I knew very little about Australia’s most isolated city. I’d heard it was expensive, hot, and far away, and yet, still felt it was a vital piece of my Australian puzzle.


I liked Perth immediately, feeling comfortable with its size, style, and speed. Unlike the hustle you’ll find in Sydney, Perth sets its own pace. It seemed as though the sun was always shining and life was good. I quickly decided to stay for a while and get to know this Western gem.

2. Perth shows off with its West Coast sunsets and sparkling beaches.


Have you ever seen photographs of the beaches in Western Australia? They are almost unreal with their striking beauty. This photo above only scratches the surface of what’s possible. Pure white sand, clear turquoise water, and miles of beaches with no other people in sight. Perth may not be a city on a beach but a 20-minute train ride drops you off right at the water. The city is lucky enough to be in close proximity to several gorgeous beaches, many of which provide glimpses of all the West has to offer.


Another benefit of the West Coast life is the epic sunsets. With the Indian Ocean as the backdrop, the sun is well known for displaying some of the best sunsets known to man. Seemingly untouched beaches and beautiful colors painted across the sky — what more could you ask for?

3. Perth is a jump off point for exploring the South West.


Western Australia is massive. There is literally hundreds of miles of open space out here and it is possible to drive for hours without seeing any signs of civilization. Although Perth is Western Australia’s only city, there is still much to see. Western Australia is iconic for its natural beauty and the South West is the perfect example of that.


A short 2.5 hours south of the city lies a region filled with surf beaches, vineyards, and expansive caves waiting to be explored. With towns like Busselton, Augusta, and Margaret River, there is much to see and do. It’s a great getaway destination for Perth residents and will leave you desperate for more.

4. Perth has its own wine region 25 minutes outside of the CBD.


Want to taste award winning wine without spending hours in a car? Perth’s Swan Valley is your answer! Located a short 25-minutes outside the city, Swan Valley is filled with a number of vineyards and cellar doors to taste. Often underrated, the vineyards here are mostly boutique, family owned and operated. Spend a day sampling the reds and whites as well as chocolate liqueur from the Margaret River Chocolate Company and craft beers from Feral Brewing Company.

5. Perth offers the best day trip options.


Hello Fremantle, Rottnest and The Pinnacles. Ready to plan a few day trips? Perth offers some of the best options in the country! Less than 30 minutes away by train, Fremantle is your historical city with an exploding art scene. Desperate to meet the famous quokka? Hop aboard the ferry for an unforgettable day on the car-free Rottnest Island. Curious about those limestone formations in the desert? The Pinnacles have got you covered! Join a tour or go your own way to experience this unique national park.

Perth, you’re spectacular! Thanks for being a great introduction to Western Australia!

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An American girl full of life and adventure!

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