Your Hit List for Australia’s Capital Cities

With a country this massive, any visit to Oz requires prioritization. In just 8 short months, I’ve traveled all 7 states and explored 6 of the 7 state capitals. Looking for suggestions of what to see and do in each? I’ve got you covered with all my favorites!

East Coast Adventuring: From Sydney to Brisbane

On April 29, my sister, Bethany, and I embarked on a three-week journey up the East Coast of Australia, departing from Sydney and heading to Cairns. We planned our route carefully after consulting travel agents, fellow travelers, travel blogs, and Lonely Planet. The drive from Sydney to Cairns is a long one – 29 HOURS!Continue reading “East Coast Adventuring: From Sydney to Brisbane”

A Love Letter to Sydney

Dear Sydney, We’ve spent four beautiful months together and created memories which I will cherish forever.  I’ve hiked your coastal cliffs, sailed your harbors, explored your neighborhoods, wined and dined in your restaurants, viewed your highest points, and tanned on your beaches.  I can’t imagine a better place to spend my first few months inContinue reading “A Love Letter to Sydney”

Celebrating NYE in SYD

“There will be over a million people!” “You will need to arrive early and make a day of it.” “Most of the good vantage points are ticketed and will cost at least $150.” “All the free spaces are alcohol-free.” In the days leading up to New Year’s Eve, my head was spinning with information overload. Continue reading “Celebrating NYE in SYD”

A Night Out With Travel Massive

A friend of mine introduced me to Travel Massive before I arrived in Australia.  She lives in New York, is a travel blogger (@TheGlobeGetter), and is part of Travel Massive’s New York City chapter.  Knowing that I too have a travel blog, she suggested I join the Sydney chapter to meet up and network withContinue reading “A Night Out With Travel Massive”

Up: Adventures in Hot Air Ballooning

The alarm sounds at exactly 4:15am, those dreaded chimes ringing in my ear. I roll out of bed, momentarily confused as to why I’m being forced awake at this hour. It’s still dark outside and there’s a chill in this Hunter Valley pre-dawn air. After breaking free of my sleepy haze, I realize I’m aboutContinue reading “Up: Adventures in Hot Air Ballooning”

Day tripping in the Blue Mountains

Located a mere two-hours west of Sydney, an oasis of rolling green and natural beauty awaits. A World Heritage site since 2000, the Blue Mountains offers a welcomed escape from the busy city life. The air is crisp, the birds are playful, and the sunlight breaks through the towering trees at perfect angles. Traveling viaContinue reading “Day tripping in the Blue Mountains”

Catching the bug (and unfortunately I don’t mean the travel bug…)

  “I think the Gators made me sick,” I told my new friend. “Sorry – who are the Gators?” Ugh. Sometimes it’s difficult living abroad. For one, your new friends are not usually the kind of friends you can share the typical banter from home. These new friends also come with a new set ofContinue reading “Catching the bug (and unfortunately I don’t mean the travel bug…)”

Life in the Bondi Bubble

   “They call it the ‘Bondi bubble’”, my AirBnB host explained.  “Everything you need is right here.  There are people who never leave.”  As I continue my neighborhood exploration, I opted to spend a few nights living in Bondi because, why not?  Bondi is a world famous destination for surfers and travelers alike, always onContinue reading “Life in the Bondi Bubble”