Your Hit List for Australia’s Capital Cities


With a country this massive, any visit to Oz requires prioritization. In just 8 short months, I’ve traveled all 7 states and explored 6 of the 7 state capitals. Looking for suggestions of what to see and do in each? I’ve got you covered with all my favorites!

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#TassieTrip: Wineglass Bay

 Easily my best day in Tasmania with a visit to one of my favorite beaches in the world.  The day began with a drive across the island state to the eastern coast, jumping onto the Great Eastern Drive with beautiful coastal views and white sand beaches.  Our first stop was at a lookout with a glorious view of the miles of inviting white sugar sand beach, aptly named the Friendly Beaches.

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#TassieTrip: Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is Tasmania’s most visited national park, located on the western side of the island state.  The complete opposite of Tassie’s eastern beaches and towns, the west receives about 300 days of rain; my day trip to Cradle Mountain was during one of its many rainy days.  As with most mountainous regions, there is a tendency for rapid changes in temperature and weather conditions.  While it rained on and off for the entire day, the weather shifted from cold and windy to sunny and warm multiple times.  I was unprepared for the dramatic weather shifts and was grateful my tour company brought extra jackets to use.

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#TassieTrip: Launceston and Hobart


Launceston’s Seaport

My trip to Tasmania was booked before I even stepped foot in Australia.  I’d been following several stunning Tasmanian Instagram accounts and reading about the natural beauty and terrific food movement in the island state long enough to know that I would be visiting.  Without knowing much about actually traveling through Tassie, I booked a 6-day adventure from Sydney to Launceston and decided to sort out the details later.  And now, as my brief #TassieTrip is winding down, I am realizing I should have stayed longer (and rented a car!).

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