#TassieTrip: Wineglass Bay

Easily my best day in Tasmania with a visit to one of my favorite beaches in the world. The day began with a drive across the island state to the eastern coast, jumping onto the Great Eastern Drive with beautiful coastal views and white sand beaches.  Our first stop was at a lookout with a glorious view of the miles of inviting white sugar sand beach, aptly named the Friendly Beaches.

As we continued on to Freycinet (pronounced Fray-chen-ay) National Park, my excitement grew.  I’ve been browsing and liking photos of Wineglass Bay for months now and the anticipation was almost too much to stand!  A beautiful, isolated beach with the word “wine” in its name?  Where do I sign up?!

Upon arrival into the park, our tour guide hit us with the reality of our time constraints. He explained that many visitors only make it as far as the lookout due to time restrictions. However, if you hiked quickly, you could make it down to the beach and back before we had to meet up again.  I know I am a fast walker but this man had me all stressed out.  How could I come this far and NOT feel that gorgeous, glistening white sand squeaking between my toes?  I had to get down there.

The hike down to the beach is advertised as about a 1 hour walk from the parking lot to the sand; I did it in 40 minutes.  I basically flew down to the beach and therefore had 45 minutes of pure beauty to savor.  Upon first arrival, I noticed several tour groups down near the water, closest to me, with the rest of the beach essentially empty.  A small boat floating in the bay.  I kicked off my shoes and socks and began exploring, enjoying the warm sugar sand, dipping my toes into the chilly water, climbing on rocks, and searching for sea shells along the shore.

After taking multiple initial photos, I walked along the shoreline toward the opposite end of the beach.  I found several more shells along with patches of seaweed, jellies, and crab claws; all virtually undisturbed.  At this point, I was almost entirely alone on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches!  Eventually I found a space in the sand to relax for a bit, listening to the water gently kissing the sand.   I couldn’t have imagined a better moment.

My 45 minutes flew by and I soon had to begin my hike back up through the forest to our van. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one week in Tasmania is simply not enough. Who wants to go back with me?!  Till next time, Tassie!

Published by Ali Gaffey

An American girl full of life and adventure!

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